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Many medical procedures, such as back surgery, require the completion of an evaluation prior to having surgery. This evaluation can be billed to insurance, and is usually required by your insurance before being approved to have the medical procedure. The evaluation consists of obtaining clinical information about your history, and a final report being sent to your referring physician.


Ideally, the evaluation is done in my office, but for situations where coming to my office is not feasible, we can use Telehealth. With Telehealth, all you need is a computer, tablet, or smartphone with internet and camera capabilities. Through a HIPAA-compliant website, the evaluation can be completed in the comfort of your own home. For more information, feel free to visit my

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Life Transition Plan

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Life Transition Planning is a process that helps families be better prepared for the eventual or current care being provided to an aging loved one. This process includes:



  • Customized plan to address legal, financial, and medical issues

  • Contact information of loved ones’ friends, neighbors and other key individuals

  • Agreed upon list of responsibilities for all potential caregivers

  • Referrals to professionals (i.e., estate planning attorneys, financial advisors, insurance agents), who can assist families in areas needing attention

  • Understanding of loved ones’ wishes as they age

Healthcare Consulting

Consult with psychiatric hospitals and clinics providing oversight of social services and clinical departments. Some of the responsibilities include:


  • Documentation and chart audit

  • Clinical program review and enhancement

  • Group monitoring to ensure therapeutic appropriateness and compliance

  • The Joint Commission clinical survey readiness

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