Dating can be complicated... Sometimes things can be complicated due to the things that are unspoken. Have you ever had something you wanted...or wanted to know, but wasn't quite sure of how to approach that with the person that you are dating? So much goes unsaid. In therapy we process your feelings as well as find the right approach.

Dating can be painful...

Feeling rejected or not good enough can really put a damper on the dating experience. Sometimes you can be left with the question "Why". In therapy we can work on ways that you can gain closure to unfavorable interactions...and work on developing ones that are favorable for you.

Dating can feel like forever...

When am I going to find the right one for me? Should I adjust my expectations? There can be any number or reasons why this process can be feeling like forever! We can explore them, and help you to regain the hope you need move forward with the process.

Being single is a gift, and although many people may not see it this way, it's a time for you to heal without another person placing a microscope on your flaws and shortcomings. It's also a time for growth in many areas of your life. You might find that as you begin to heal and grow...this is when the right person finally shows up!

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