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Our Counselors

Karina has written for the following publications:

Karina Cole M.S.Ed LMHC, LPC

Karina is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and Licensed Professional Counselor. She holds a Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling from Fordham University. Karina enjoys helping people cope with both personal stress, professional stress, and anxiety related experiences. As a result of learning to cope with these situations her clients can learn to live happier lives with an ability to understand themselves better. The benefits are that client’s can gain confidence, as well as a new outlook and approach to life. More importantly, clients can begin to recognize the signs of approaching stress and anxiety, and with new confidence, use their own abilities to navigate situations

Karina also has a Bachelors of Business and Administration from the University of Massachusetts and experience working in the field of Finance. She has also had the opportunity to provide career counseling for one of New York’s largest business schools by assisting clients in achieving work life balance, as well as  changing, maintaining, and growing in their careers. 

Megan Keegan LMHC

Megan has a Master’s in counseling from Mercy College,  She has worked in inpatient psychiatric units with women’s trauma, school based counseling settings and currently private practice. Megan values the opportunity to serve as a light in the darkest times of someone’s life trajectory. Megan's  hope is to authentically connect with clients and clinically support them in connecting with themselves. She is a huge supporter of compassion to all living creatures and aims to live a plant-based lifestyle 90% of the time.